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Who We Are

Pro is a dedicated and highly motivated refrigeration contractor with over 40 years of experience installing commercial refrigeration solutions. We are committed to giving our valuable customers the most reliable and efficient installations that exceed industry standards.

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What We Do

As a Full Service Refrigeration Contractor, PRO offers a wide range of commercial refrigeration installation services. We are one of the country’s most experienced specialists in green and low energy use refrigeration systems.

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Pro Green

ProGreen Technologies continues to be a leader in the movement to use Natural Refrigerants in Commercial Refrigeration. ProGreen promotes the latest in environmentally friendly refrigeration technology to reduce the global warming potential of the systems installed and serviced in your local grocery store.

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Why PRO?

Lower Refrigeration Costs

ProGreen Technologies offers Green Energy opportunities that can lower your refrigeration costs.

Certified Experience

Our technicians are certified in multiple refrigerant, manufacturer and installation types.

Our Technology

We are committed to investing in technology that helps us become a better business partner to you.


Our installation teams are equipped with an iManifold to maximize efficiency in the field.

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