Heat Transfer: Convection

In our quest to make our movement well known, we offer training that will enhance the standing of “Thermodynamic Energy Technician” and Thermodynamic Energy Specialist” to be attained by following our lead. HVACR Tech has become defunct. Our regimen demand more than what we are being shown in order to become a true professional.


Trade schools and other forms of teaching have fallen behind the advancement of technology. It is simply impossible to put to print the advances of technology we are all experiencing. Being a “TET” or “TES” means you have the science and knowledge to access any and all information relative to what you may be doing while on site, by yourself, and then report that concisely to the end user or employer you work for.


I will be attaching a video from our source that explains Convection this month https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v62ilJCaMFk. You already saw one on Conduction. Following blogs will show Radiation, Thermal Conductivity, Convectivity and Emissivity. These are steady state heat transfer terms that are the building blocks of any process of being well rounded in what we are asked to understand and then perform.


More next month!



Thermodynamic Energy Specialist

Recently, I have mentioned that we are in need of an industry makeover. I stated that HVAC Tech is now an archaic term for our regimen, and does not adequately describe what we do in the Mechanical Trades. I have mentioned that we will bravely support a new Industry tag. We will coin it ‘Thermodynamic Energy Technician” and Thermodynamic Energy Specialist”. Yes, the times are changing.


See the attached document we have found that will serve as a guideline for what we believe to be the real deal QSR-MechanicalSystems. Pay particular attention to the videos that are presented throughout this document. These videos are short and interesting. They explain in terms we may all understand the methods of presentation toward what the manuscript believes necessary to become a Thermodynamic Energy Specialist.


Pro has decided that the current schooling that is available out there for everyone is woefully short of being satisfactory for what we need in the field. We have decided that we will present a training regimen that includes most of the data within this document, found on the internet and downloaded for free. Understanding the science of what we do for a living is the most important aspect that we find to be missing from all the graduates we interview.


Read through the document and enjoy the videos. I have it available on my computer, and reference it 1 hour a day. Amazing content that will help all of us advance and be proud of what we know and produce. The way our young learn has changed. Curiosity is important and should not be dissuaded. Ask questions, then research and find the answers yourself! We can do it.”


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Did You Know?

As I get ready to attend my first ATMOSphere Conference next week in Atlanta, I am reminded of how we must think about the future.

This Father’s Day morning, I continue to study the attached Document QSR-MechanicalSystems. It remains Open and minimized so I can reference it when possible. The Videos are intriguing. So much information is available now https://youtu.be/XrJjfDUzD7M… Watch the video again…

In order for us to learn how the young learn, we should ask them what to provide and how to present it.

We need to make sure that data is presented in a setting the student is comfortable with.

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J A Kokinda

Where’s The Beef?

* Statistics all show us that HVACR will be short of qualified workers so much so that our ability to keep up will be curtailed
* The onset of changes to our Industry in the last 5 years has been more profound than the previous 30 in scope which include technological advances
* Publishers of our Trade Instruction Texts find it impossible to stay ahead of the curve
* OEM’s and Contractors continue to scramble to find dedicated and motivated people to ply our Trade
* It is a fact that the salary for good Techs already exceed that of most of the Skilled Trades out there, and will only get better. Supply and Demand!

I suppose we can say that together we must look at how we attract those that are curious about what this is all about and get them involved. Marketing needs to be at the forefront. Customers are willing to make the leap, but are correct to be worried on who will take care of the equipment once it is installed.

That is, if we can get it installed without importing willing assets that want to come to America. They are there. They WILL come…..

We conduct Meteorology in an enclosed system. We change the weather so food is sustainable and people remain healthy and comfortable at home and at their workplace. Simple, right?

Maybe not so simple…

Natural Refrigerants along with the Technology advancements on traditional mechanical cooling systems we have seen taking place overseas has been going on for over a decade on land, and in the Marine Trades, much longer than that. End Users in the US are coming around to see the savings and benefits of this phenomenon. They want it. Carbon footprint reduction is what this is all about, not just the lower utility expenses that are a direct result of implementing the new technology.

If you find yourself reading this blog, and are “curious” to know what it is all about, contact us and we can communicate together. The “Skills Gap” is real. A great Career awaits those who want to be part of this exciting period in our History.

There’s not an App that will do the task. It takes work to make this happen. Those that want to be a part of something exciting should really look into the Refrigeration Trades, as I am here to tell you that it has been a rewarding and satisfying career for many of us who continue to do what we love.

Profile of a U.S. Grocery Store

Managing Energy Costs in Grocery Stores

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Refrigeration Trades Need A New Image


Do you remember wondering what you were going to do when you had to decide on a career? How many of us had dreams to become a Refrigeration Technician while growing up? How much pressure was put on you to look at this Field? By School Counselors? Parents? Friends? Did the Trades seem glamorous to you? I believe we know the answer to this.

Starting my 40th year in the Mechanical Trades, I reflect this morning upon my own decision to get involved. It was by happenstance. Another story for another day. Suffice it to say, there was no recruitment activity at my High School announcing to all what the Trades had to offer.

PHVAC/R has developed a new Job Description to attract more people to what I believe to be is one of the most satisfying Careers that are available today.

“HVAC Tech”…

How appealing is that? It worked, I suppose…. However, I believe it conjures up images of the recent “TV Stings” that highlight unscrupulous ruffians that are out to “Rip you off, so BEWARE”! How about “HVAC Hacks”, an internet sensation that highlights poor work and the ensuing banter about what is posted is there for all to see. Flattery that gets all of us nowhere.

So, how would you like to learn how to become a “Thermodynamic Energy Technician” or “Thermodynamic Energy Specialist”?

How about “Thermodynamic Energy Refrigeration Specialist”?

Just the labels or “tags” may attract those that are interested in STEM Fields to stop and investigate. These descriptions are more in tune with what we do. The Titles are new, and reflective of the times. The descriptions also have the advantage of not have to live down to what we think we know about “HVAC Tech”.

Our Trade has more to it than long hours and the upset customers who wish to express the pain they may feel upon you when you arrive at their site.

We have the ability to control the weather!….. Say, what?

Tune in next month and see what it is all about. Believe you me, this is not what you think it is. I know you will be surprised.


Joe Kokinda

PHVACR Quality Statement

PHVACR Quality Statement

We have an issue with the way contractors treat the customer related to value added work. For instance, we use real time electronic reporting to our internal management team of all our installation metrics. We track time and motion using time and date stamps that show when any process is performed. The pictures show how well the crew understands and completes important quality checks regarding any process. This information is shared with all members of the team, and with other crews and their teams. We all look at the data and use the information to constantly improve the process of the customers’ project and its completion.

We also report to our customers in the same fashion, on a daily basis. This real time reporting shows our customers we are serious about offering our expertise to their advantage. In this manner, our customers learn they do not have to be experts in the process improvement regimen, as we are usually the leader in bringing to their attention any shortcomings that may exist. We approach all processes as being wasteful in the beginning, which should be used as lessons learned. Imagineering is used to discuss alternative possibilities and the end result, and then implementing and tracking/comparing the change to the previous method is employed.

Value added work is the goal. All work that the customer pays for and does not “add value” is considered WASTE. We identify what constitutes waste together as we enter into any customer supplied project SOW. During the bid process, initial implementation of the roll out for the project, actual performance of the project SOW, and initiation of the payment procedures, we all work together so waste is eliminated. Accountability by verification is used to ensure the customer is guaranteed the most cost effective and highest quality project. Verification is the most important metric we see as the end game to our quality vs. all the others out there.

Our staff and teams are on board with the process of working with other contractors that do not subscribe to this method of work. We understand this, and use our communication ability frequently to inform all customers if there are issues beyond our control that affect the project. Being on time here means be EARLY to work. Job sites are cleaned of ALL construction debris that is in our work area, no matter who creates this debris. This includes outside entry areas we need to move through to bring our equipment and the customers’ fixtures inside, ensuring safety is at the maximum.

We always ask an on-site person in charge to comment on a 5 question Customer Satisfaction Survey regarding our work. This survey is used to listen to the customer and see if there are issues that we may need to address. This survey is attached to any punch list, final pictures showing our work, and Invoice. This is all usually the day the project is completed. Our turn key operations include pre-work visits to survey existing conditions, plans development, permitting, electrical services and final commissioning. We are a different business, with a business model that is different from our competition. Once you experience our way of conducting business, you will want to continue using us!

Finally, how we do this is to use a process that we learned throughout our business development. We use statistics, reports and Pareto charts that highlight and identify areas that will eliminate waste. Suppliers are always taken to task relative to pricing, availability of product, inventory control designed as “just in time”, and constant vigilance of the total experience. We also use these same procedures to track our field staff and their belief in our regimen. We teach pride in workmanship, express concern over their welfare at work and family, build relationships together and most importantly have FUN while we grow together. By discussing with all teams their thoughts has led to many process improvement possibilities that have been implemented.

We can state with confidence that our system of analytics, communication, and performance are unequaled in the refrigeration industry. Our management and owners all subscribe to the same goal. This goal is offering the end user an experience that offers the highest quality and the best price for their project that they can have. In this fashion, we accept work only if the customer is willing to work as a partner with us in what we provide to them. It is a good position to be in, and our company will continue to be vigilant. 8 511 965 km2 We are indeed not your typical contractor, and from experience and training we will always strive to improve any process by identifying and eliminating all forms of waste. This is to the benefit of all. It enhances our bottom line, and also results in a satisfied customer that will rely and trust us to perform in a superior fashion with more work.


J A Kokinda