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Thermodynamic Energy Specialist

Recently, I have mentioned that we are in need of an industry makeover. I stated that HVAC Tech is now an archaic term for our regimen, and does not adequately describe what we do in the Mechanical Trades. I have mentioned that we will bravely support a new Industry tag. We will coin it

Did You Know?

As I get ready to attend my first ATMOSphere Conference next week in Atlanta, I am reminded of how we must think about the future. This Father’s Day morning, I continue to study the attached Document QSR-MechanicalSystems. It remains Open and minimized so I can reference it when possible. The Videos are intriguing. So much […]

Where’s The Beef?

* Statistics all show us that HVACR will be short of qualified workers so much so that our ability to keep up will be curtailed
* The onset of changes to our Industry in the last 5 years has been more profound than the previous 30 in scope which include technological advances
* Publishers of our Trade Instruction Texts find it impossible to stay ahead of the curve
* OEM’s and Contractors continue to scramble to find dedicated and motivated people to ply our Trade
* It is a fact that the salary for good Techs already exceed that of most of the Skilled Trades out there, and will only get better. Supply and Demand!

Refrigeration Trades Need A New Image


Do you remember wondering what you were going to do when you had to decide on a career? How many of us had dreams to become a Refrigeration Technician while growing up? How much pressure was put on you to look at this Field? By School Counselors? Parents? Friends? Did the Trades seem glamorous to you? I believe we know the answer to this.

Starting my 40th year in the Mechanical Trades, I reflect this morning upon my own decision to get involved. It was by happenstance. Another story for another day. Suffice it to say, there was no recruitment activity at my High School announcing to all what the Trades had to offer.

PHVACR Quality Statement

PHVACR Quality Statement

We have an issue with the way contractors treat the customer related to value added work. For instance, we use real time electronic reporting to our internal management team of all our installation metrics. We track time and motion using time and date stamps that show when any process is performed. The pictures show how well the crew understands and completes important quality checks regarding any process. This information is shared with all members of the team, and with other crews and their teams. We all look at the data and use the information to constantly improve the process of the customers